We are a company with a team of, experienced

  Software Developers, Security Analysts, Internet Marketers & Support professionals.

We deliver turnkey solutions for product architecture, Development, Testing, Support & Manitainence & Network Security Allow us to take away your project delays and risk and deliver them in time, in budget. Make use of our unique methodology to develop or upgrade existing software to next generation of user friendliness, apps, responsive design and big data without disturbing your existing systems. Let us develop Challenging Software Products, Enterprise, Web, LoB and Mobile App Applications cost effectively and within tight timelines.

  We develop next generation software, Quick and Reliable!

Delivering Easy to Use, Enterprise Class Software for managing complex requirements.

Innovation, R&D Projects and Products Development - From Concept to Fully Functional Product

Agile - Devise and Deliver Quickly to Save Upfront and Ongoing costs

Save time, Save money with efficiency and higher productivity

  Meeting your team members

Zaffar Owais Andrabi CEO

Vineet Tanwar CTO

Sohail Wazir Director- Sales, Middle East



Almuqeet is now operating as Almuqeet IT Group with structured divisions to provide best value to its clients. It has a Development Centre and Sales Office in Srinagar India, New-Delhi India, Dubai UAE, Helsinki Finland & Queensland, USA.

Almuqeet launched different brands to provide for segmentation and focus in different areas of operations starting with Almuqeet Technology Solutions in India, TouchActiv Electronics Trading LLC in UAE, DevSeller Payment Systems in the UK. Since then, the growth has been steady and interspersed with acquisitions and restructuring to keep business efficient.



ASPL was established as Almuqeet Technology Solutions in the year 2010 to deliver enterprise integrated Software solutions. In April 2012, it founded Developerts LLC for delivering its robust solutions to the American markets, while Almuqeet was formed in 2010 and an established name and brand in IT industry. The company founded its brands into ASPL and Incorporated Almuqeet Systems in India in the year 2015 as Almuqeet Systems Pvt. Ltd, The company has since progressed with both Software products development activities, Payment Services, Enterprise Network Security and Online Marketing.